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I paint, make collages and mixed media work. I write poetry. I reflect on the Tao.

Paintings of Country

These paintings are my empathetic re-formation of Australian country, the phenomenon which is at once a spiritual and physical place. These evocations of experience are drawn from the deep well of memory and intuition. I feel the land and in particular the scars from my people, the British.

They were all painted in September and October 2016.

Not Your Country (gouache on paper 3 ¾ x 6 inches)

After the Burn (gouache on paper 4 x 6 inches) 
Burnoff (gouache on paper 4 by 6 inches)

Harrington's Run (gouache on paper 10 by 14 inches)

Land of My Flesh (gouache on paper 4 by 6 inches)

Maranoa memories (gouache on paper 4 by 6 inches)

Property (gouache and watercolour on paper 4 by 6 inches)

These Lost Horizon Call (gouache on paper 10 by 15 inches)

Werribee Station: Summer of '49 (gouache on paper 4 by 6 inches)

Two further paintings from the same series were exhibited and sold at the National Exhibition of A4 size art works, Melbourne 2017

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