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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Studies after Turner (repost)

These are four little studies I made after some paintings by Turner. Apart from my respect and admiration for his work, Turner, I discovered, used similar methods to mine in the initial stages of his paintings. By following his method more closely, I hoped to learn techniques which I could apply and adapt to my own work.

The other incentive in doing these studies was to learn something of the circular compositional form, which I could then apply to my own work. In Turner's work, the circular composition is carried by the flow and direction of the colour, rather than the disposition of forms.

These are studies After Turner, rather than studies Of Turner. In making these studies, I was not attempting to copy the originals or to take the original and use it as a motif. Rather, I wanted to use the original compositional form and an approximation of the colour scheme to recapture the sensation of the original. By sensation, I mean my empathetic internal physical response to the painting, which is a combination of visual, visceral and kinaesthetic senses.

As you can see, the studies move quite a way from the originals.

In the final two examples, I have taken the elements of the earlier studies and other paintings by Turner, and made free studies which are not based on any specific original.