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Monday, April 3, 2017

Twitter Art Exhibit TAE17

Very pleased that my contribution to the Twitter Art Exhibit for 2017 was sold, raising money for Molly Olly's Wishes.

City Dawn (gouache on paper)

You can find out more about the Twitter Art Exhibit phenomenon here.

Basically, artists on Twitter donate a postcard size art work and the proceeds from the sale are given to charity. This year the Exhibit was held in Stratford upon Avon (as at the time of writing, still showing 2-19 April).

The recipient of this  last year's exhibit was Molly Olly's Wishes who support children with terminal and life threatening illnesses across the UK by providing wishes and therapeutic toys and books. . and on Twitter @MollyOllys 

The opening was a smash hit (Periscope footage)

I've been participating in the Twitter Art Exhibit since it was started up by David Sandum  @DavidSandum in 2010 as one the 260 artists from 24 countries who answered David's call to help raise funds for children's book for the Moss public library.

If you are an artist on Twitter, I would encourage you to get involved next year. As David said

Through art we can change the world.

And next year is NOW.

 If you are not an artist, I suggest you get along to Canberra, Australia next THIS year for TAE18 and buy big for Pegasus Riding for the Disabled.  who provides horse and farm activities for people with a disability in the Canberra region.

For more information on the Twitter Art Exhibit

Twitter:          @twitrartexhibit 
Instagram:      Please find us on Instagram by searching: TwitterArtExhibit
Hashtags:     #TwitterArtExhibit #TAE17 #TAE18