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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

An art statement (sort of)

Well, at least some musings that might be considered such...

What I would like is for the viewer of my art to look at the world through my eyes for a moment.

That is to say, to imaginatively enter the gestalt of soul-mind-heart-body which was my current point of consciousness in the flux of all-there-is.

That is to say, to intuit what I intuit as beauty and grace (soul), to apperceive what I apperceive as nous (mind), to feel what I feel (heart), to perceive what I perceive (body) through the image.

The image is the conjuring up of my intuiting, apperception, feeling and sensation before the reality of objects and encounters with the unseen.

I am not concerned with  merely representing objects, or illustrating ideas and concepts, or mocking notions of the past, or entertaining gallery goers — all concerns of current art trends. Rather, I am concerned to evoke, by the means at my disposal, a parallel experience to my own.

That is to say, poiesis

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