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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Artists as angelic spies: Excerpts on art/ spirit/ the viewer

Jane Ann Wynn
My work seems to require an intimate relationship with my audience. When you take a moment to look at something that is small, it requires coming closer to inspect it. The physical distance is narrowed and you have the full attention of yourself and your viewer. From that moment on, your message has changed from a statement to a dialogue. You can share an emotional moment and it becomes personal.
...For a short moment in time, there is a spiritual connection.
Altered Curiosities, North Light Books p.39
Jane’s website
Thomas Moore objects are lures attracting certain kinds of spirits and they’re containers for that spirit. Our task is not to explain images but to expose ourselves to them and have our thinking and feeling affected by them. Images are inherently and necessarily mysterious. They invite us to enjoy a life where mystery deepen the level of our thought and experience. (p 174)
Art can be merely aesthetically pleasing, philosophically meaningful, and personally expressive, or it can have the special power to evoke and transmit a particular spirit to those who come in contact with it. (p204)
Poets and artists of all kinds are intimately familiar with edification by puzzlement. The best of them will tell you that they don’t always know what their work means. In their art they use word or images in ways that speak more directly and more profoundly than reason of our world and our experience. They trust the images that come to them as being rich in implication and complex in their truthfulness. (p.365)
The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life
Art, broadly speaking, is that which invites us into contemplation. ... In that moment of contemplation, art intensifies the presence of the world. We see it more vividly and more deeply
Care of the Soul
Thomas’s website
Agnes Martin: I do believe we unfold out of ourselves and we do what we are born to do sooner or later, anyway.
Dorothea Tanning: My work is about the enigmatic; it’s about leaving the door open to imagination. You see, enigma is a very healthy thing, because it encourages the viewer to look beyond the obvious and the commonplace. I have always liked to create images wherein the viewer sees something else every time he looks at them. 
John Gruen The Artist Observed, A. Cappella Books, 1991
John Olsen
“An artist’s life is a secret life, artists focus on thingsbarely noticed, they perceive, they inhabit magical shadows not yet appreciated. Artists are a particular genus of angelic spies – like blotting paper, absorbing visual facts and bargaining that information within themselves, hazarding ideas and conjuring with possibilities.
Jenny Zimmerman and Ken McGregor John Olsen; Journeys into the You Beaut Country

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