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Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Cri de Coeur

Sometime ago— I suspect toward the end of the Dark Ages, if not sooner—mainstream western civilization made its pact with the devil and traded spiritual  livingness for the power to manipulate.

By retiring God and the angels to a heavenly rest home and separating the human and the natural, western civilization opened the Pandora’s Box of exploitation, development, conquest and control.

The emergence of virtual reality, the transformation of carriers of spiritual experience into art and entertainment, and the replacement of creativity with innovation are the inevitable outcomes of this historical trajectory.

And yes, there have been counter movements, such as the Romantics and neo-pagans, but these have been swept up in the inexorable movement of dispassionate, detached manipulative control. Each successive movement seems to have been less connected to the source and increasingly irrelevant. I doubt no-one’s sincerity, but some manifestations of  the desire for deep and real meaning are just plain silly.

Consider the alternative, still present in some peoples of the world: nature (including human) as the living embodiment of the gods, nature (including human) in a continuing process of being created, humans as partners of the gods in this process of endless, moment-to-moment creation.

I am not so naive as to reinvent the Noble Savage. All peoples at all times have interacted with, and changed, the environment to meet their purposes. We cannot return to some imagined state of pre-Fall innocence.

But we do need somehow to build a real bridge back to genuine sense of spirituality in-dwelling within the natural world which is also us, before we become disembodied entities with an existence only as a particular configuration within a vast network of electronic signals.