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Monday, July 23, 2012

Poem-collage or collage-poem: Behind Her Eyes

In a post or two ago (here), I said I would try to develop a new poem-collage combine using an existing collage by musing on the already created collage and see what emerged. The challenge for me is to avoid writing a poem which is merely illustrative of the images contained in the collage. Rather I want to write a poem which goes to the essence of the matter, but in a different way to the collage.

Because the collage already had a title, which had come to me during the process of making the collage originally, that became the opening line of the poem. A period of looking at the collage was followed by a period of not looking, but writing. The writing of the poem followed my usual practice, which could best be described as a stream of consciousness approach, followed by speaking and editing, in a cycle until the poem seems to be settled.

Then it was a (not so) simple matter of arranging the words around the existing collage. I might mention a bit of "cheating" here, in that the two collages I have selected to work with, both have a considerable amount of space not taken up with images.

Here is the final result:

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