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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Early Poem

Originally I thought of titling this entry as "Juvenilia" or "My First Poem", but both titles would be inaccurate. My juvenilia is consigned to the ashes (except for one, embarassing example of adolescent effusiveness which languishes in an old copy of a school magazine). This is not my first poem, although it is the earliest poem I decided to keep. Written in 1971! A poem for two voices.

always of times past
                                 re-adjust my changing compass
                                 calculate my bearings
                                 plot my point by starlight
                                 allow for atmospheric deviations
                                 check for treachery
                                 cross-currents, sly tides
             i  dissemble
times past i throw into the future
drydreaming by daylight

all ways of times past
            i resolve and drag them into
            make them up-to-date

                                 follow the ever-changing coastlines
                                intent on charts i plot
                                my way by globeside starlight
                                find i where i stand
                               on deck the watchers change

           i flagellate the bountiful
          and hear the rigging creak
          the wind shriek through

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