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I paint, make collages and mixed media work. I write poetry. I reflect on the Tao.

Monday, January 31, 2011


Baptized by time
washed in dreams,
my tattered life

children crying
marbled sunlight
a lost child hunting
wonder in your eyes
an invincible summer
so intensely in memory

The free, exploring mind
reason grown courageous
tongues without thinking
the apple blossoms of purported wisdom

An ethereal silhouette of a man
crossing the river styx
something within me
like a passion full
lingers in the heart
yearning for the dragon song
of enchanting salvation long ago

Through a current of longing
the shadow of your wings
on the edge of time
love’s breath in constant flow
kissing the night air
slow surrender to dancing
into the moon shimmer
as though I had wings
of moondust.

Softly erotic, earthy lost innocence,
hidden in darkened wings
I will wait here for the stars to fall.


  1. this is simply marvelous. all of it. thank you for the imagery....a magic carpet ride through the sky of memories and dreams...